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Aged community care management

Fukuoka City, like Japan as a whole, faces the challenge of an aging population, with the elderly population steadily increasing. To address this, the city is restructuring policies and systems towards sustainability, involving various stakeholders and leveraging technology.

Fukuoka City's Aged Community Care Management

Japan, like other developed countries, is facing an aging population. Fukuoka City is no exception. In 2019, the elderly population aged 65 and over accounted for 21.6%, which is lower than the national average but steadily increasing. It is predicted to reach 23.4% by 2025, with a significant increase in the very elderly population expected. With the progression of hyper-aging and an increase in single-person households, there is a growing need for support for the elderly in daily life.

Despite such a super-aging society, Fukuoka City is striving towards becoming a "sustainable and high-quality living city" by restructuring administrative policies into sustainable systems and mechanisms. It is leveraging the participation of a wide range of stakeholders including citizens, community associations, businesses, and universities, while utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI. The goal is to establish a framework where all citizens, including the elderly and people with disabilities, support each other. As part of this initiative, Fukuoka City has been implementing the "Fukuoka 100" project since 2017. This project aims to create a sustainable city where everyone can lead a healthy and fulfilling life in the era of 100-year life expectancy.

Furthermore, to promote the social participation of the elderly, Fukuoka City has

implemented measures such as providing elderly transportation passes and setting up job placement offices. Additionally, it offers courses for the elderly at municipal facilities and community centers throughout the city and establishes places like elderly community centers to facilitate interaction within the community.


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