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Q: What is the intangible element of upgrading the value of the city center?

A: Enhancing the value by introducing the guidelines of landscape and functions in the business zone.

Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka City, has an ongoing Tenjin Big Bang project, in which many of the buildings in the area will be replaced by new buildings by the end of 2026. The development is conducted with the guidelines set by area councils to keep the vibrancy and to improve a creative environment with enhanced functions that will support the future development of Fukuoka City.

CBD Management – Tenjin Area of Fukuoka City

Tenjin Area is the city center of Fukuoka City, where important facilities such as Fukuoka City Hall, the branches of Tokyo-based companies and banks, department stores, and the transportation hub are located. This area has been rapidly developing to secure its position as an economic and commercial center not only for Fukuoka City but also for Kyushu Region.

The area's management council, We Love Tenjin Council set the guidelines to share the area’s future vision among the members in 2008. The guidelines reflect in the installation and renewals of the buildings, streets, spots, and public squares. And the importance of creating an atmosphere and environment to facilitate people to pursue creative activities and businesses is also stressed for the area’s sustainability.

In the main street of the Tenjin Area, Meiji-dori is designated as intelligent production axis in the guidelines. Attracting venture industries, startups, and corporate spin-outs, as well as the facilities promoting this move are encouraged in the area. And the council also support holding the events for creators in the plazas of the area, which are placed along the pedestrian movement.

The city government also opened public-private partnership startup support facility in the area. And to secure a comfortable walking space and improve the scenery, bicycle parking spots on the streets are removed and replaced by other parking locations and bicycle-sharing services. The companies in the area sponsor flower pots to keep the comfortable atmosphere of the area.

Tenjin Area is expected to become an even more attractive and prosperous city center with a modern and high-quality cityscape that promotes economic and commercial growth. The implementation of the guidelines gives the area a creative and comfortable environment for people to spend their time in the area.

[Case ID: Urban Management UM-06]


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