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Residential District Management

Q: What is the solution for adding value in newly developed residential area?

A: The framework to design and operate the area together with the residents is important.

Island City is a reclaimed land in Hakata Bay, Fukuoka City, featuring various amenities and aims to enhance residents' quality of life. The Urban Design Center Island City leads the development, focusing on residential areas and establishing an autonomous management organization. Over 13,400 people have already moved in. Efforts are made to create green spaces, sports and cultural facilities, and improve commercial, healthcare, and educational institutions. Transportation systems are being upgraded, and environmental protection initiatives include energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy use and preserving natural habitats.

Residential Area Management – Island City of Fukuoka City

Island City is a new district located on a reclaimed land in Hakata Bay, Fukuoka City. It encompasses a cargo terminal, wholesale market, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, schools, and recreational facilities. The goal of the development is to create a sustainable urban environment and improve the quality of life for its residents.

An organization called Urban Design Center Island City, which is a collaboration between government, industry, and academia, has been established here to lead the urban development primarily focused on the residential areas in the eastern part. They have been working on establishing a management organization that can autonomously operate the area, developing new sources of revenue that do not rely on local taxes, and creating profitable businesses. As of March 2022, approximately 5,000 households and 13,400 people have already moved into the residential area.

Improving the living environment and enhancing the quality of life for residents are also key focuses. Efforts have been made to develop green spaces such as Island City Central Park, sports facilities like the Fukuoka Municipal Gymnasium, and cultural facilities to provide spaces for relaxation and community interactions. The enhancement of commercial facilities, healthcare, and educational institutions is also being pursued to ensure a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. Transportation systems are being improved to promote efficient public transportation and enhance the convenience of cycling, including initiatives like running on-demand buses.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency are important themes in Island City. Initiatives such as energy-efficient buildings including smart houses and CO2-zero emission areas, utilization of renewable energy and waste recycling are being implemented with consideration for the environment. Preservation of natural environment, such as a tideland for migratory birds was also considered, and is to be used as a park.

In the newly developed residential area where traditional local events like festivals have been absent, the area's urban development council and community centers take the lead in organizing new community events and exchange meetings, aiming to foster a sense of unity and solidarity within the community.

[Case ID: Urban Management UM-02]


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