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Guided Walking Tour: Tenjin Area Management in Fukuoka

"We Love Tenjin Council" Walking Tour in English took place on a sunny day in April 2021. The participants on this tour were mainly from the foreign government establishments in the council’s active areas, Tenjin and Daimyo.

*Read more about the "We Love Tenjin" Council.

Prior to the tour, the participants’ temperatures were checked to prevent the spread of Covid-19, then joined a briefing on the council’s activities and the history of Tenjin. The participants listened to the guide’s explanations through the personal intercoms to keep the social distancing. The tour started from Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine, where the area’s name Tenjin originates.

They enjoyed strolling through the greenery of Acros Fukuoka, Tenjin Chuo Park, and the old shopping venue atmosphere in Shintencho. And they witnessed the development of the Tenjin Big Bang. They also visited various sites, such as Fureai Hiroba of Fukuoka City Hall and Kirameki Dori Street, where the council has organized the events on public spaces or roads to create vibrancy in the area, as well as a riverfront café to revitalize the riverside.

They also learned the fringe parking system, a solution to reduce the number of cars coming into the area, and amenities for visitors such as the tourist information and free stroller rental service. And they saw Solaria Terminal Building, set the transportation hub in one building with shopping venues, and Kego Park, a remodeled park for safety, and an underground bicycle parking to improve aboveground street walkability.

The participants were delighted to discover how the area has been managed because the tour has given an opportunity for them to look at the area with new perspectives, where they had previously visited numerous times.

[Case ID: Urban Management UM-08, Urban Management UM-10]


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