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Urban Retail Center Stimulation

Q: In what way can the companies competing each other in the city center collaborate?

A: Companies can create a win-win relationship in establishing the framework to maximize the mutual profits.

Tenjin Area in Fukuoka City, which has become the commercial hub of the city and the entire Kyushu Island. The area's development began in the late 1940s through a collaboration of the business owners. They aimed to establish Tenjin as the primary commercial center by organizing joint sales and promoting festivals. Over time, they collaborate and advocate for the area's development and enhance its vibrancy, comfort, and safety. Currently, the Tenjin Big Bang Project is underway, involving the reconstruction of old buildings and the introduction of new businesses. The collaboration among retail establishments remains crucial during these significant changes.

Urban Retail Center Stimulation – Tenjin Area of Fukuoka City

The Tenjin Area in Fukuoka City is renowned as the commercial hub of the city. Its origins can be traced back to the late 1880s when it served as the administrative and business center, housing the prefectural government and police headquarters (which were later relocated further east of the city in 1981), as well as the City Hall. Prior to the 1940s, the commercial heart of Fukuoka City was the Hakata Area, which had flourished since ancient times.

The transformation of the Tenjin Area began in the late 1940s through a collaborative effort between the main department store, Iwataya, and the shop owners of Shintencho, a neighboring shopping arcade, along with other business owners in the area. Their objective was to establish the Tenjin Area as the primary commercial center of Fukuoka City. This collaboration involved joint bargain sales and the promotion of festivals. Initially, an organization comprising the business owners of the area was formed, and this organization, Toshinkai, has since expanded to include twelve major retail establishments in the area. Subsequently, additional organizations were established by stakeholders in the area. These organizations work collectively to advocate for the development of the Tenjin Area, proposing new projects to enhance the area's vibrancy, comfort, and safety.

In 2006, the We Love Tenjin Council was established, consisting not only of business stakeholders but also government bodies and residents. This council formulated area management guidelines and spearheaded various activities, including festivals and events, to foster a love for the Tenjin Area among visitors. In the events such as the city hosting the world sports events, and opening of a new shopping venue or closing of an old one, the organizations of the area launch joint promotional activities, showing the solidarity of the area. Through these activities the Tenjin Area has now solidified its position as not only the commercial center of Fukuoka City but also of Kyushu Island as a whole.

Currently, the Tenjin Big Bang Project is underway in the area. This ambitious endeavor involves the reconstruction of many old buildings and the introduction of new businesses, attracting an influx of people to the area. The evolution of retail establishments is also anticipated. In light of these significant changes, the collective collaboration among all retail establishments will be as crucial as ever.

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